NEW!! Cask 5 Ceramic Challenge Coin/Whisky Hat


NEW!!!  Cask 5 Challenge Coin/Whisky Hat. Limited Edition of 850 coins.

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This is the fifth edition of our 2 inch Ceramic Challenge Coin. Labeled with Cask 5 to show this is the fourth run and serial numbered from 1-850.  When this batch is gone the next run will be labeled Cask 6. Each Cask (run) of coins the design is altered, so no two casks are the same.  As you can see the coin also works as a Glencairn topper to allow the nose of your whisky to develop. A perfect companion to our own Glencairn glass.

If you have a Cask 4 coin, please include your coin # and we’ll do our best to send the same number.

Dimensions 49mm ∅, 6mm profile approx.  (1.93″ x 0.24″ inches)

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