We are Scott (the little guy) and Bart (the big guy).

As self-declared whisky dummies, we’ve been exploring the world of oak-aged deliciousness through the magic of YouTube since 2013. Our aim is to bring a comedic style and enthusiasm to sharing this amazing spirit with the connected whisky community.

Pour yourself a large dram and settle in the Scotch God chair, right across the bar from us.  Relax as we share all our whisky experiences and try our hardest to make learning about whiskey as fun as it can be.

Our journey started with Scotch, and we’ve now ventured deep into Bourbon, Rye, World Whisky as well as other distilled spirits and the occasional ale – if we think they’re worthy.

This is the best place to keep up to date with the Dummies. From here we’ll blog and share news and events, and give you a heads-up on some of our ideas and activities.

We thrive on interaction with our followers. You can connect with us via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and join the growing community of whisky fans subscribing to our channel on YouTube

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Bart on Dummies Merch

“Merchandise is tricky; with the glasses and coins Scott has to make trips to the post office most days, and sometimes we feel viewers are let down when they find their coin wasn’t featured in a show, so we realized a lot more thought has to go into these things.

When we were doing the T-shirts we saw things would only get worse, and how could we predict how many of each size? Instead, we used Spreadshirt and reached out to a friend to commission multiple designs. That let the fans have the flexibility of design, color and style but still grab an exclusive shirt. Sure it’s the ‘easy button’ for us, but  no post office trips – everyone wins. We like ’em.” Bart

Scott on Peat

“For years I’ve been playing down my love of peat. It worked out great. Bart would leave all his peat bombs over at my place thinking they were safe. He’d return to a half empty bottle next time and think he’d hit it much harder than he thought…” Scott

The Scotch Test Dummies release a new episode every Wednesday and Saturday, with regular Sunday live shows on YouTube featuring fellow whisky commentators and industry insiders. Pour yourself a dram and join us there!  Scott & Bart

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