About Us

We are Scott and Bart, the Scotch Test Dummies. We hail from Kansas in the heart of the USA, but through the magic of YouTube and the digital world we have been permitted to reach out across the globe and connect with the thing we love:

Whisky. In all its forms and expressions.

In 2013 we were already well on our way to becoming fully fledged whisky fanatics, and eagerly consumed all there was to consume when it came to enthusiasm and education regarding all things Scotch.

It was this passion that led us to the realization that there may be an opportunity for us to become part of it all. One day we sat in Scott’s kitchen and recorded a video to introduce ourselves and give our take on a freshly cracked bottle of Caol Ila 12yo.

That first video is us at our most amateurish, our most naive. From time to time we’re tempted to remove it and our other early videos, but they remain. They are there to remind us that we are on a journey, and they all represent significant stops along the way.

They are also there to demonstrate that we are not experts, we don’t ever want to take the position of educator or preacher, we prefer to walk with whisky fans, and learn on the way.

We have also discovered the wonderful concept of the whisky fabric – that it’s all connected and full of benevolent, impassioned individuals who strive to share their knowledge and experiences; to inspire and guide.

It’s our mission to remain worthy members of that whisky fabric.  To connect with whisky fans everywhere and help them discover the incredible world of whisk(e)y and its appreciation. Perhaps to convert them to what we like to call “Scotch Gods!”

We feel privileged to have connected with so many until now,. We eagerly look forward to meeting more at each new step.

We are Scott and Bart. We are Dummies. Join us.

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