Android Logo Rocks Glass…Scotch Test Dummies Style

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Scotch Test Dummies 10 Ounce Rocks Glass

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The Rocks Glass, also known as the tumbler, is Scott’s favorite whiskey sipping glass.  Neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water, this glass is perfect. We tracked down a hefty 10 ounce glass worthy of our logo and slapped our Android head logo on it.  This is a glass that you will want on your bar that screams Bad A**.  Laser etching wasn’t good enough for these glasses.  We said we wanted our new logo sand etched into the glasses.  Sand etching costs more but produces a more dramatic almost 3D feel to the logo.

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1 review for Android Logo Rocks Glass…Scotch Test Dummies Style

  1. 5 out of 5

    Sadly I broke the Rocks Glass that my daughter gave to me almost 20 years ago – so I had to find another. Without pause I turned to the Dummies for this one which I received in short order. It’s Perfect! Perfect size, shape and balance! Fill it up to his eyeballs and you are set. Time to take a nap. :0) Thank you for your prompt attention to this emergency situation guys.

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