UK/EU Shirt Shop


In order to save you the costs of trans-Atlantic shipping , we’ve split our Shirt shop into USA & Canada based and UK & Europe based options.  This is the site to use if you’d prefer to order our designs from the UK and Europe.
We’ve been asked about t-shirts for as long as we can remember. The cost and outlay to do it properly is pretty huge, and we’ve no way of predicting demand for different sizes, which could lead to fans being let down with no stock in their size. We also couldn’t agree on what design the shirts should have!
To solve all of this, we set up a partner shop with Spreadshirt. We then commissioned a friend of the channel in Scotland to design our shirts based on our ideas and concepts.  This way, fans can have a unique shirt in the size, style, design and color they want, and it’s always in stock!
Shipping, customer service and product guarantees are all taken care of by Spreadshirt.



With our coins, glasses and shirts being shipped internationally, we love the idea that the Dummies are getting all over the world (without actually leaving the studio!)
Take a pic of you with your Dummies shirt, coin or nosing glass and tag us through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be mentioned in a show!  Use the #travellingdummies hashtag.




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