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Since our very first step as the Scotch Test Dummies back in 2013, we have been humbled by the support and positive feedback from the whisky community.  We are fully paid-up subscribers to the wonderful dynamic known as the #whiskyfabric.

Our awesome fans and followers overwhelm us. They send us thanks, warm wishes, gifts, samples and even the occasional bottle for review. It’s this outpouring of support that keeps us motivated to spend hours of time and hundreds of dollars creating content which we hope our fans continue to enjoy.

As lovers of whisky, we will always keep things honest and maintain our integrity. While we sometimes receive samples from producers, we will never accept donations or promotional samples if they come with conditions that don’t allow us to be open and honest about a product. We know our fans demand this, as would we.

And so, in order to continue to improve the quality of the content and production while we are self-financing, we set up Patreon  – purely on the off-chance any “Super Scotch God” fans would like to make a contribution to help us with equipment and offset the (spiralling) cost of our whisky purchases for fresh reviews.

Again, we were overwhelmed. You spoke out. Loudly. We are, once more, humbled by your support.

If you’re ever in doubt of how you have helped us and the community of fans who subscribe, just go back to our first ever video. We’ve come a long way!

We want to pay it back.  Not just with trying to create the best content but also to say a special thanks to our patrons who, month after month, contribute to keeping the whisky and fun flowing for everyone.

And so, we crafted the

This allows exclusive access to our patrons as a token of our appreciation for their continued support in the making of our content.

How to Join

When you become a patron, you can choose to opt in to the Scotch God Club by sending us your preferred email and timezone.

Throughout the year, as a Scotch God member, you will receive email invites from us to join us on exclusive live video hangouts. Here, dram in hand, we will share our trials and tribulations, give sneak previews and behind-the-scenes-info as well as allowing our Scotch God fans to connect and get to know each other, in a fun and live format.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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You Scotch Gods!