16 Bourbon Shootout Poll and Competition

BOOM!!  It’s a busy time for The Scotch Test Dummies!

We’re currently in full-flight finalising all of our slots for our big 12 Hours of BOOM! event this Saturday July 8th – we’re pretty excited! But that’s not all we’re up to…

We’ve just started filming our Big Blind 16 Bourbon Shootout, and after the fun of the March Rye Madness Shootout we want to involve all of you.

We will film four separate brackets of four bourbons, completely blind. We will have no idea whatsoever which of the 16 standard bourbons we are tasting. We reveal the winner(s) only after everything has been decided – for sure there will be surprises!

However, just because we’re blind doesn’t mean you have to be – we’ll place the key to what we’re drinking in the video during the edit. You’ll know at each step what we’re sipping and you can laugh along as we bounce around in the dark with only our olfactory senses to help us.

Competition – Get involved!

We are running a free competition to celebrate the series.  You can enter via the dedicated web page using eMail, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. You need to be a subscriber to us on YouTube to enter. Over the four platforms you can have up to four entries – so choose your bourbon wisely!

(ProTip: you can gain an additional daily Twitter entry!)

The prize this time is unique. We have commissioned a one-of-a-kind, one-off, utterly unique T-shirt which will be made in a size chosen by the winning entrant. We will ship this T-shirt to the winner along with the collectable Cask 2 Challenge Coin used to cap the winning bourbon in the final, optionally signed and dated by The Dummies. The winner can also choose to have their name announced with a Scotch God fanfare on the show!

Enter the competition here!

PLUS – WebPoll – just for fun!

As an extra we are running this web-poll below – you don’t need to vote in this poll to enter the competition – it’s just for fun to measure the thoughts of our viewers. You’ll see the results after you make your own choice!

Good Luck Scotch Gods! Let the Shootout commence!

Scott & Bart


This poll is no longer accepting votes

Which of these sixteen will prevail?
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