Angel’s Share Crystal Dropper Set…Scotch Test Dummies


The Angel’s Share Glass dropper set from Scotland. ¬†Features a handblown crystal dropper, wee glencairn, wood stave and comes in a beautiful display box.

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If you’ve watched our reviews, you know that early on we use to pour water into our whisky from another glass.  After ruining countless drams, we realized we needed a better option. We needed to be able to add a drop of water at a time to our whisky. We would then be able to get the whisky where we wanted it abv wise. We found this dropper set from Angel’s Share Glass in Scotland.  It features a hand blown crystal dropper, a wee glencairn, and a wood stave.  This has become our favorite accessory and a staple on both of our bars.  You’ve seen us use this in our pre-recorded shows and live streams.   We’ve partnered with Angel’s Share to get these sets with our logo.  The set comes in a beautiful display box and makes a great gift for anyone who loves whisky.

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