The New Dummies Website!

We’ve put a lot of effort into the new Dummies website. Our old website was ok at the start, but it quickly became dated. It didn’t provide a very good experience on a mobile device. That was hurting us. We think it could put people off visiting the site.

So while we were fixing that we decided to go a bit further. We want the website to be more than a placeholder – we want to use it as a platform to connect with whisky folks and give them additional content and share in what we’re doing. So, we decided to add:


  • Blog posts – thoughts and notes straight from the Dummies
  • Cask Strength Video – Upload un-chill filtered, natural colour and straight from the cask, web-exclusive video episodes – un-cut – as requested!
  • Add a Live Events Calendar – synchronize it with your own calendar and never miss a live show or opportunity to share the same dram
  • Add an up-to-date scores and reviews back catalog
  • Include categorized video playlists
  • Switch to a Mobile-friendly layout – to allow you to hang out with us on your tablet and smartphone
  • Make it fast and responsive, for a slicker user experience

So we think the new site is working great on any mobile device and looks pretty sweet on a desktop too. We’ve added a blog for updates and a place to hold video where we’re under less pressure to keep the cut-length YouTube friendly; so yes, Bart is permitted to ramble more so – he’s off the leash! And Scott, well, there may also be burps.


We’ve also added a live events calendar so you can stay up to date – you can even sync it with your own calendar – and never miss a live show. We’ve also added our scores in a live always-up-to-date spreadsheet, just as you asked. Our playlists are included and you can scroll through all our episodes by category and episode.


Best of all, it was built with help directly from the #whiskyfabric – by one of our very own supporters. We think that’s awesome. Tell us what you think!




Scott & Bart


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5 Replies to “The New Dummies Website!”

  1. Thanks for placing the ratings at the top of the videos tab. Really cool that a follower compiled all of that for the rest of us. Now we need to see a “Re-attack video” where you guys each pick a bottle that you didn’t previously score or that you feel might have been mis scored because your palate has changed since the early days.

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