What is Slàinte?

What is Slàinte and why do we close our shows with it?

As the Scotch Test Dummies, we’ve come up with a few catch phrases over our content creation career – some of which have stuck and some, well not so much. (Beaulicious anyone?!)

Slàinte however, is not one of ours. It’s everyone’s. This is a Gaelic term used across gaelic speaking countries as a toast to one’s health. It’s used extensively in the whisky community as such, and gives a general nod to the birthplaces of whisky – Scotland and Ireland.

We’ve pronounced it differently over the years, but now we’ve settled on what we believe to be correct, that is, pronounced with an accent over the ‘a’ – Slahn-che.

Sometimes, if you want to toast someone’s good health, you’d say “Slàinte Mhath!” – pronounced Slahn-che Vah

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Oh, and Slàinte!

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