Cask 2 Coins – Now in Stock!

Back in 2016, we thought it would be a good idea to have a challenge coin / poker chip customised for the Dummies and be able to use it as a glass topper. We had no idea how popular an idea that would prove to be…

We very quickly sold out of Cask 1, and people have really taken them to heart. We regularly receive photos of the coins atop some stellar drams in wonderful locations.

This has inspired us to invoke the #travellingdummies hashtag, so you can have the chance to feature in one of our shows when you share the Dummies appearing somewhere cool!

These new coins are about 1mm ∅ smaller, with a gloss finished rim, matte on white on one side and anthracite grey on the other, complete with unique serial number.

We’re anticipating demand for these to be even higher with pre-orders sucking up huge swathes if the first 250 or so, so head on over to the store and grab your coin.

We’re trying to include as many coins in our shows as possible. If your coin has featured in a show we’ll share that with you when we deliver it!

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2 Replies to “Cask 2 Coins – Now in Stock!”

  1. Hey Scott! In addition to “Travelling Dummy” pics appearing in your videos, it would be fun to see a photo gallery drop-down tab/link on this dramtastic-brand spankin’ new-plastic still on screen-new car smell STD website. That way, everyone can view all of the great photos your Travelers have submitted in one awesome Scotch God Gallery. GlenGallery? To quote Bart: “Boom!”

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