Whiskey Wednesday Episodes​​ 

                Black Maple Hill


Our next LIVE Stream tasting will be on Sunday 3/26/17 at either 9 or 10:30 pm Central with Trenny and C.  We'll be tasting Elijah Craig Barrel Proof and maybe Highland Park 23 year old if it arrives in time.




(our wives are starting to frown)

Our Last Live Stream with Adam and Henry from Scotchology. Tasting Arran Amarone Cask Finish and Brenne Estate Cask.

Scotch Test Dummies

What's better than drinking a fine whisky and having a good time. Join Scott and Bart as they review scotch, whiskey, and other drinks with one goal: having fun. After all, whisky is meant to be shared.


Catch our review of Japanese Whiskey IWAI

Our review of.... Rock Oyster and Big Peat.

Our Review of...Elijah Craig Barrel Proof....WOW