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Whiskey Wednesday Episodes​​ 

         Old Grand-Dad 114 Bourbon


Our next LIVE Stream tasting will be on Sunday 2/26/17 at 9pm Central time with Mark's @whiskywhistle with West Cork 10 year Irish Whiskey. Pick up a bottle and join us!



Our Last Live Stream with Mark Gillespie of Whisky Cast and some Cask Strength Conversation.

Scotch Test Dummies

What's better than drinking a fine whisky and having a good time. Join Scott and Bart as they review scotch, whiskey, and other drinks with one goal: having fun. After all, "Whisky is meant to be shared." @whiskylassie


Catch our review of Japanese Whiskey IWAI

Our review of.... Rock Oyster and Big Peat.

Our Review of...Elijah Craig Barrel Proof....WOW